SUCCESS SERIES: “How to” Self-Care as a Forensic Nurse

Self Care Review Yes, FNCB is treading on thin ice by saying Forensic Nurses need to participate in MORE self-care! Take a moment to breathe deeply and listen to Meditation Relaxing Music – Nature Healing Society (takes you to another website; has ads but copyright free and available when you have need). As such, the […]

SUCCESS SERIES: “How to” Develop a Certification for ALL Forensic Nurses

FNCB Certification Examination Journey The FNCB wants Forensic Nurse Certification Candidates to have access to the process of our shared specialty development. Sharing the journey and explanations about the process of certification construction maintains transparency while giving voice and choice to the forensic nurse community at large and opportunities in a safe environment to shape […]

SUCCESS SERIES: “How to” Eat the Elephant!

…and now you are thinking about how much information is in the course… AND can you study enough to learn it all…? RELAX! You know most of it! FNCB believes that Certification Candidates are prepared to navigate the guidance in the Certification Content. So… How do you eat an elephant? …one bite at a time! […]

SUCCESS SERIES: “How to” Take a Test

You made it! Do you remember how to take a test? Welcome! FNCB Success Series: How to take a test! The FNCB provides Certification Candidates information about “How to” Take a Test BEFORE taking the Certification Examination. The FNCB compiled a significant amount of information to support Certification Candidates’ success in their quest to demonstrate their competence and expertise as […]