Your Journey, Our Goals, and Values

Welcome to Your Journey with FNCB

Welcome to a web space where the diversity of forensic nurses thrives and unity among forensic nurses flourishes! 

Here, FNCB extends a warm welcome to forensic nurses from all journeys in life, embracing diverse ideas and the kaleidoscope of experiences. In FNCB’s inclusive  community, every voice is valued, and every perspective is a vital thread in the rich tapestry of our collective journey. Your wealth of life experiences, innovative ideas, and unique cultural insights are welcomed at FNCB. 

Your journey with FNCB is designed to compliment your professional, and perhaps personal, goals. The FNCB organization is laying the foundation to support sustainability of all practices in the community of forensic nurses, whether practicing at the bedside, in government institutions, or in agencies serving populations across the lifespan. 

Forensic nurses’ unique clinical settings and specific job responsibilities foster care and compassion using trauma-informed principles and person-centered care with patients intersecting with legal systems. 

As an emerging and visionary forensic nurse leader, FNCB invites you to join the vibrant community of certified forensic nurses where everyone has a seat at the table. Together, we foster a dynamic exchange of ideas and innovation to enrich the science and practice of our forensic nurse specialty


The goal is to provide professional certifications reflecting current Forensic Nursing Science to promote and improve the quality care to patients intersecting with the legal system. FNCB adheres to excellence in research and quality improvement in care through certification of forensic nurses.

FNCB Values

  • Safety – in forensic nursing healthcare environments for all people
  • Transparency – in all forensic nursing healthcare interactions
  • Inclusivity – actively engaging forensic nursing body politic
  • Diversity – with persons, groups, and experiences in forensic nursing healthcare education and practice
  • Respect – in all voices and presentations, providing trauma-informed interactions and self-care
  • Equity – in and accessibility with equal treatment in forensic nursing healthcare for all
  • Innovation – in forensic nursing education, service, scholarship, and practice
  • Scholarship – through evidence-based inquiry, dissemination, and continuous quality improvement in forensic nursing practices