FNCB Vision, Mission, & Statement of Inclusivity


The FNCB vision is creation of forensic nursing leaders through quality education validated by standardization, accreditation, and certification.


The FNCB mission is to provide the foundation necessary to support undergraduate and graduate education of forensic nurses in academic educational institutions globally for the purposes of specialty role validation through certification and accreditation. The FNCB documents derive from a consensus driven iterative processes to establish a bias free, evidence-based, and scientific foundation for forensic nursing education and practice with populations affected by trauma and violence across the lifespan and through death.

Statement of Inclusivity

The FNCB casts a wide net to forensic nurses across the globe in an effort to foster an inclusive, diverse, culturally humble community of forensic nurses in all communities of forensic nursing practice. At FNCB, we are dedicated to fostering an inclusive and bias-free welcoming environment for all members of our forensic nursing community. We believe that diversity in backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives enhances our ability to excel in our mission of promoting excellence in forensic nursing practice, education, and research.

We are committed to creating a bias-free culture that values and respects the unique qualities and contributions of every individual. Diversity of thought reflects race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, ability, socio-economic status, religion, or any other dimension necessary for professional innovation and growth in the specialty of forensic nursing. We actively strive to eliminate barriers to and biases in participation, engagement, and advancement in FNCB. We are dedicated to continuous learning and improvement that is culturally humble and trauma-informed, and we welcome open dialogue and feedback from forensic nurses to help us better understand and address the evolving needs of the diverse community. By embracing inclusivity, we strengthen our collective impact, which promotes equity in forensic nursing care, and contributes to a higher level of wellness. 

FNCB is proud to stand as a beacon of inclusivity, and we invite all forensic nurses to join us in advancing our shared goals while we celebrate the richness of our differences. Together, the forensic nurse specialty makes a sustainable positive impact in the communities served.